Water Treatment Plants

We offer all kinds of turnkey services, technologies and consultancy services in the field of Water Treatment. We have also designed systems that help to treat both ground and surface water. We offer turnkey services and technologies for:

  • Desalination Systems
  • RO/FO Systems Filteration System
  • Softeners Defluoridation Systems
  • DM Plants Ozonization Systems
  • Ultra Violet Systems
  • Mineral Water Plants

Waste Water Treatment & Recycling

Our service portfolio also includes turnkey services, technologies and consultancy services for Waste Water Treatment & Recycling. The systems that we provide to achieve the purpose of Waste Water Treatment & Recycling are:

  • Biological Treatment Plants
  • Activated sludge Process and Systems
  • Sequential Batch Process and Systems
  • MBBR/FMR Process and Systems
  • MBR Process and Systems
  • SBT Process and Systems
  • Chemical Process and Systems
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • UF Systems
  • Anaerobic Systems
  • Evaporation Systems
  • AOP Systems
  • ZLD Systems

Waste Management

We offer turnkey services, technologies and consultancy services in:

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Landfill Management
  • Biomedical Waste Management
  • E-waste Management
  • Bio solids Management

We also have a range of systems that when properly utilized by a client enables them to effectively manage Hazardous and Solid Waste. We offer following systems to accomplish our services:

  • Waste to Energy Systems
  • Incineration Systems
  • Autoclave Systems
  • Microwave Systems
  • Recovery Systems
  • Pyrolysis Systems

Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Solar Photo Voltaics (SPV)
  • Solar Power plants
  • Solar LED systems
  • Bio Gas Plants
  • Wind Power plants
  • Bio Mass systems
  • Bio Methanation Systems
  • Geo Thermal Systems
  • Hybrid Systems

Air Pollution Control

Most of the industries belch out tonnes of smoke into our atmosphere. In our effort to minimize the threat to the atmosphere and the ozone layer, we have an array of turnkey services, technologies and consultancy services to offer. We also provide our clients with systems to help them cut down on the air pollution that they cause. The range of such systems include:

  • Ventilation
  • Air Cooling
  • Fume Extraction
  • Spray Painting Booths
  • Pneumatic Conveyance
  • Dust Proofing
  • Humidification
  • Dust Collection
  • Powder Coating & Recovery Booths
  • Kitchen Fume Exhaust System

We also have exclusive range of equipment to make the task of air pollution control easier. These are:

  • Centrifugal Fans
  • ID & FD Fans
  • Axial Flow Fans
  • Roof Exhausters
  • Cyclones
  • Industrial Man Coolers (Pedestal, wall & tubular type)
  • Wet Collectors
  • Scrubbers
  • ESP
  • Limit Load Fans
  • High Pressure Fans
  • Bifurcators Fans
  • Dust Collectors
  • Bag Filters (Manual/Automatic/pulse jet)
  • Unit Dust Collectors
  • Air Curtains

Environmental Consultancy

We administer a whole range of specialized environmental consultancy services for various types of industries. Our miscellany of Environmental Services include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Risk Assessments & HAZOP
  • ISO 14000
  • EMP
  • Environmental Audit
  • Techno Feasibility Studies
  • Water Supply & Sewerage Schemes
  • Chemicals
  • Maintenance of the Environmental Systems
  • Contract Research & Development
  • Green Building Solutions
  • EHS Management
  • Environment Project Management
  • CSR Projects
  • Environmental Assets Management
  • Environmental Resource Management
  • Environmental Analysis & Monitoring-Air, Water, Wastewater, Soil, Sludge

Environment & Energy Management

  • Environment Management
  • Water Resource Management
  • Indoor Air Quality Management
  • Landfill Management
  • Sludge Management
  • Bio Solids Management
  • Lake Management
  • Energy Management
  • Green Building Solutions